Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Question of the Week

How do you think we can get people on campus more involved in the anti-war movement?


Julia said...

"So I know at meetings this week we were talking about posting a blog
question concerning how to get people more involved/excited about the
anti-war movement. I think one way to do it might be to really try and
do things that challenge what people think the war is about.

An example of this is this short film that I just watched (today!)
called Primetime Torture. It was created by Human Rights First, and
it's about how violent TV shows like 24 and Alias influence soldiers'
views of what torture should be like, and they try to be "jack bauer"
in interrogation rooms instead of following army protocol. It's REALLY
interesting and only 15 minutes. Watch it.

Adam said...

I really liked this video as well, sent over by Eliza:

Adam said...


Maybe we can show that movie clip at the social next Friday?

Nikhil Kothegal said...

If we want to get people involved in the Peace Movement, then we need to do something big, and perhaps create conflict that will force students to wake up and make a decision, whether they support or oppose the war. The sit-in we did in 2004 succeeded in making the issue of a living wage and workers' rights on our campus an issue that students had to discuss and ultimately face. The people who weren't talking about it/didn't care at all are people who, in my opinion, probably won't act in most cases. We need to also focus our arguments to appeal to different people on campus.

I'm still suggesting that we try to get an SU resolution!

John Giancola said...

I'm an old man, but in college I stirred up a lot of protest and when we took over the president of the university's office, well things changed. I'm not suggesting that, but if you need help, I'll be happy to stand up in the middle of the cafeteria and speak, hand out fliers, or whatever. I used to build groups on campuses. I'd love to help.

Contact me at

I like the shake it up theory the best. Additionally, it's more fun. Let me know about the next planning meeting, please.